8 Mile Pie!

Urban Slicer's OG Detroit Pizza Recipe - Hide it....


  • (1) Urban Slicer Detroit Deep Dish Dough Ball
  • (1) 28oz can of San Marzano Tomatoes, drained well and crushed fine (warmed after pizza is done)
  • (1) Whole Pepperoni Stick, sliced 1/8th to 1/4″ thick, by hand
  • About 10oz of shredded cheese, mozzarella and provolone 50/50 blend
  • Some melted butter, ghee or brown butter
  • Some finely chopped basil
  • Some freshly chopped basil


  • Let Dough Rise 2-4 hours, per instructions 
    Prepare all ingredients, as needed
  • 1 hour before cooking, fire up your oven or smoker to 550 degrees. If your oven or smoker only goes to 500, that will be fine, just adjust and add some cooking time
  • After the dough has risen for 2-4 hours, press it into the Pan.
  • Cover and let rise 1 more hour
  • After 1 hour, uncover the pan and brush with butter
  • Top with cheese, then add pepperoni, basil and parmesan
  • Place pan on smoker and cook for 10 minutes, uncovered
  • Rotate 180 degrees and cook another 5-10 minutes
  • Remove pan from smoker and let rest for at at least 5 minutes
  • Remove pizza from the pan, slice and top with warmed tomatoes
  • Slice, serve and ENJOY!
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